Sunday, 11 September 2011

3 Idiots and Me (the 4th one?)

I first heard this movie from Rose, a dear friend of mine from work. I remember her eagerness to tell us the full story even if she had a hard time in narrating the plot. To sum it up, the story was not well delivered to us but her underlying message that "hey it's worth watching, try it!" was well conveyed. Ok, 3 Idiots.. Bollywood..inspiring..that's it! but then again it was just another information that slipped out of my mind due to a very hectic schedule. Then finally, I am with my blogging and "surfing the net" session when I came across some blogs and shoutouts from Facebook regarding this film. Alright, what's so special about this movie?...the curiosity in me just built-up until I found myself wanting to know the answer to my question. I asked my boyfriend if he knew that film and luckily the answer was yes and he even had a copy of that said movie which he also provided to me.

I watched it and i found the answer to my question, it was indeed a very interesting and special movie. The story is about friendship and the will to think out of the box (norms) no matter what it takes. I am  a type of person who doesn't usually go with what the world states as correct, that's why i really love Rancho as he depicts me. Though I am not that genius just like him, it's the move to embrace unconventional reasons, actions and decisions that made me feel so attached with that character.

Here's my reflection; at the end of our lives, it's not our personal success that will matter. It's how we interact and  help others to be the best that they could be using our own gifts. It's a quest of finding out first who we really wanted to be, then success will just follow. "Aal is well",  don't dwell with the pressure on a certain situation as everything will be just fine. If you relax, the problem will not fade but at least you'll get rid of what's eating your mind that is preventing you to think of a further solution. Life is a constant journey and it is better to take that rough road with those special people around you than to aim high without their love and respect.

"3 idiots" is basically an eye-opener to all of the people who will watch it (especially  if it's not yet open at all). I am not surprised that it garnered the top spot as the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time in India. The filmmakers know just when to throw in that emotional low after a comical light which became really appealing to me. If you have some time, almost 3 hours of your time.. go and watch this film and spread the VIRUS out, then you'll understand that.."Aal is really well".


  1. Haha! Right on.

    Everytime I feel myself drowning in self-pity, I watch this movie. And everytime I feel sad, I do too. It really is a mood-changer.. A drama-filled movie, full of inspiration and lessons about friendship and self-worth.. with a little hint of comedy. I love it..

    As I say.. Nakakaiyak.. nakakatuwa.. nakaka-inspire. That's the "3 Idiots". :)

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  3. @Leah: absolutely right girl!! same here.. sobrang nakakatuwa talaga siya at nakaka uplift ng spirit. :)

  4. I really love this movie.. I've watched it any times, my daughter's favorite song is "Aal izz well" heheh.. .. "Life is out of control..." heheh.. nice entry. keep posting.. visit me back!