Saturday, 3 September 2011

Songs and Emotions

A good song would definitely be able to change the mood of the person who is listening to it. It can make you happy or it can be really loud that it will push you to release what you feel deep inside. This is the reason why we are always associating our emotions to the music that we are playing. I, myself will not get through a day without listening to my type of sounds. In a very stressful and "badtrip" day, I listen to heavy metal or just any loud music that will release all those thoughts on my mind. During those feel-good days, I listen to new age sounds just like the music of Enya (as always). Whenever I need to focus with what i am doing, I see to it that I listen to Electronic Music with the likes of The Prodigy and The Chemical Brother. On mushy days, then I will be up for some Peter Cetera and Kenny Rogers hits. Everything will be in place from listening to those chosen genre.

As you can see, my life somehow revolves with music that's why I am also making my own songs with the help of my guitar. The reason for this is, if the songs that were being made by other artists make me feel good then why not make my own songs? All of those are reflections of what I am feeling deep inside as I am incorporating myself to my music. No matter how good or bad it was written, it is still a reflection of my soul. I encourage people to write their own songs if they have the talent. Not to be put on the mainstream arena but just to express themselves through their lyrics and melody. Believe me! it is really fulfilling to hear your own voice and music even if it was just recorded on your room alone.