Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Weightloss Recipe a.k.a. The Sacrifice

Yes! what's the question? what did I do to reduce my weight?.. the answer would be just two words, first one is sacrifice and the second one would be discipline. It is not just having my braces done and having tons of workloads to stressed me out that really contributed to this weightloss. The biggest factor is just my willingness to do so, due to health reasons. 

I have to admit it, it was a dilemma for me to resist my cravings. Who would refuse an ice cream, a cake, pizza, doughnut, 2 cups of rice with a very delicious "Kare-Kare" on the side? I bet the power of those kind of foods can easily penetrate every mind who would try to abandon them. That's the reason why we need to establish first our own reason why we want to reduce our size before doing anything. 

As my motto suggests "It's all in the mind". 

Here's what happened to me, I was checking out my pictures at Facebook one time when I just suddenly realized that my size has doubled. That's the time when I figured out that it might be the cause why I am always getting tired easily especially when I am walking. It also crossed my mind that I am not engaging myself to any exercise at all, I am fond of eating too much and my lifestyle doesn't seem to be a candidate for a good and healthy condition. I started to ask myself, do I really need to eat that much? or am I really lazy when it comes to exercise? and lastly Is my lifestyle right? Of course, even if I deny it.. I already knew the answers to these questions and that's when the eagerness took place. I keep on thinking of that realization and the guilt but at the same time I am still taking the same amount of food and doing the same lifestyle. That scenario was a torture to me, believe me. Surprisingly, that torture suddenly became the killer of my appetite and my laziness. I suddenly felt the loss of my cravings through the help of my mindset and then I took advantage of it. I did not undergone crash diet as I just lessen my food intake one step at a time and I became firm with it:

First Week: 3 meals, 3x a day 1 cup of rice (no more, no less).. I ate whatever I wanted to eat even in between meals.

Second Week: 1 cup of rice at lunch, half cup of rice in the evening... 
Snacks? Biscuits/Fruits.. (no more, no less). yeah! that's when the discipline comes out.

Third week to Fourth Week: Half cup of rice at lunch...Plain Oatmeal in the evening and fruits/healthy viands.
Snacks? Banana/Yogurt or any other healthy biscuits. Remember the sacrifice? ayt!!!

I also have my cheating moments but I made sure that it's in control in order for me to get back to my usual routine. Because of the less intake of foods, I felt my stomach shrink a bit as it didn't allow me to eat an amount of food that is beyond what it could contain based on my previous eating patterns. I just allow myself to get used to this routine for some time in order for my body to adapt to it.

However, I also wanted my stomach and my body to become firmer and healthier that's why I chose my 3 best friends. Those three were my jumping rope, dumbbells, and sit-ups mat. Every morning, i see to it that I jump 200 times, do a dumbbell exercise for 16 times per arms/hands and 15 to 20 sit-ups.. whew!!! that's a lot of sacrifice and endurance.. hahahahaha....

Nothing will materialize if you don't have the determination and if you don't know why you are doing those things, that's the basic thing to remember. You can't expect pleasure on those activities during those times that you are in it, but the contentment will payoff if you already achieve even the slightest change in your body. Nonetheless, I would just like to clarify that there's nothing wrong if you are big or small. I just opened this up for the benefit of those people who are asking and having the same dilemma of thoughts about themselves. The main point here is, being beautiful and sexy depends on how you look and carry yourself. If you feel you wanted to undergo some changes, then work for it and  be serious in doing so.

My Paraphernalia
The result that I badly wanted to maintain..

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Peace and Serenity

Why is it so difficult for us to have this state of mind? In this busy streets of Manila and the stress of our daily routines, is it really a luxury for us to feel serene?

I am trying to feel that way with the help of being positive. However, there's still a time wherein that certain positivity will end up to be so hard to sustain. Worries will start to guzzle you and before you know it everything just seems to be a mess in front of you.

But how can we go back to our senses when these things are happening? I am talking about stress, problems and pressures. I bet all of you have encountered the same and you have various approaches to conquer it. But I also have my way in overcoming such predicament:

1. Think of happy thoughts, yeah right! what are those? your vacation, birthdays or anything that involves your family and friends. Happy memories will always be the best medicine to depression.

2. "You are larger than your problem". Think that way in order for you to have that feeling of being in control. Life is a mind game, if you're optimistic then you'll win but if you're otherwise then you'll lose.

3. Listen to inspiring "New Age Songs". Enya and Enigma's songs are just two examples that I could give.

4. Have a break!..don't just have a kit-kat but have a break literally and release everything. Think of what's happening and then accept it wholeheartedly. Cry if you want, get mad! (but not too much) because at the end of the day, you will realize that life and time will go on without you so you have no choice but to go with it.

5. Watch Mr. Bean, Dumb and Dumber, "Kimi Dora" and the likes.. it would definitely help, believe me. 

6. Lastly, pray and let go of all the worries and sadness. Give it up to God as He will definitely give us guidance on all our problems. Peace and Serenity will always be with him.

Tranquility Scenery

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Art of Being Outspoken

Art can be defined based on one's perspective, it can be a mastery of a talent that we can view as something that can touch the emotions and senses of others. It is usually associated with visual, auditory and literary matters but I guess it is not bad for me to think that it can also pertains on how we speak and how we deliver the message that we want to convey. This is the reason why I made the title to this article as  "The Art of  Being Outspoken". From the word "outspoken" itself, one thing that will probably pop out of your mind is being "tactless". We have that connotation that these two particular ways of expressing our opinions are the same, but in fact it's definitely not. If we will have one issue and then we'll differentiate how will it be delivered by a tactless person and an outspoken one, how would it be?

In a team meeting where a suggestion was raised by a colleague:

The Tactless One will shoot the bullet right away and will hoist the downside of the idea even before the full statement by the colleague has been laid down. It is usually accompanied with a not very pleasing gestures such as making faces and a smirk The statement to reject the idea would be like this " I think the idea is not feasible at all because of our situation right now. That's a waste of time if we'll try it, well that's my opinion. The best thing to do here is blah blah blah blah"......endless comment.  Then it will turn out that he/she is the person of the hour, then the credit will be his/hers alone.

On the other hand, what would an outspoken person do? He/She will listen wholeheartedly and will weigh the suggestion on his/her mind thoroughly. It will not cost that much to think while listening and waiting for the colleague to finish the piece. After which, if the proposal is not that feasible at all then here's what will be said, "The idea is okay, I got your point and your intention. But with the resources that we have right now and the complexity of the situation, I think we will have a hard time to implement it even though it's good. We have to come up with another solution that is viable in our condition as of the moment. How about doing this, blah blah blah blah...., that's my opinion,but it's all up to all of your judgments".

Being tactless is all about being inconsiderate and indiscreet. It reveals lack of perceptiveness, judgment or finesse on a given scenario. It usually provides a negative impression to all those people whom the statement is being relayed upon. It can hit directly the feelings of others because of the insensitive way of opposing a person or expressing a comment towards a thought or situation. Being outspoken is characterized by expressing one's self freely, insistently and directly but with the sense of being considerate on how will the message affect the mood of the receiver and the people who will hear it.

In our daily lives, we often meet so many people and so many approaches in speaking. I can't really say that a tactless person has an unlikeable personality as a whole, but remember the way we speak just reflects the way we think and treat others. We can't expect that everyone will accept our own ways of expressing, we have to admit that. I, too is having a very difficult time in weighing the things that should and shouldn't be said. That usually happens when the person I am conversing with is also having difficulty in grasping my message. Nonetheless, this is life! we need to be careful with the way we speak, command, request and criticize others (though it's really hard!). The use of words like kindly, a gentle reminder and please will definitely make a difference. Your tone and the use of some humors will also help enlighten the mood of the conversation. To be an outspoken person is a skill that we need to learn in order to live in a conflict-free environment. Always remember that respect begets respect.

The main point in here is the golden rule, "Do not do to others what you don't want others to do unto you" ain't that simple? Be outspoken when there's a strong need for you to speak your mind for the welfare of the majority and not to showcase yourself and your idea.

Now check it with yourself, are you practicing the art of being outspoken? or the art of being tactless?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Contractualization: An Economic Constraint?

Have you had that experience wherein you wanted to buy something but you would not choose to do so because you just wanted to save your money for the future use? That future use means that there will come a time when you will be out of work and you will face that dilemma again of finding one... that situation was brought by legalizing Contractualization.

Contractualization means replacing regular employees with temporary workers who normally don't get the same benefits and salary compared with the regular ones. These temporary workers are also known as contractuals, trainees, apprentices, helpers, casuals, piece raters, agency-hired, and project employees, among others. They more likely suffer from lack of security in the workforce as they were just hired to relieve on a given task in a defined span of time. Even though they are getting less, their work is undoubtedly very important to the operations of the companies that acquired their services.

The traditional pattern of employment before was a full-time work with an unlimited duration, protected against an unjustified dismissal by an employer. However, as the time goes by there came a time wherein labor flexibilization emerged as the preferred set-up in the Global Economy. Contractualization became evident on the the issuance of DOLE order no. 10 in 1997 which loosen up the rules on contracting or sub-contracting. DOLE Order No.10 was repealed through DOLE Order No. 3 issued in 2001 only to be reinstate through DOLE Order No. 18. in 2002.

The idea as mandated by the law is this: "It is legitimate contracting or subcontracting if the contractor or subcontractor has substantial capital or investment such as corporations, tools, equipment, implement, machineries, uniforms, protective gear, or safety devices actually used in the performance of the job, work or service contracted out. It is the prohibited “labor-only” contracting when the person supplying the workers to an employer does not have the substantial capital or investment in the form of tools, equipment, machineries, work premises, among others, and the workers recruited and placed by such person are performing activities which are directly related to the principal business of such employer" 

If this will be explained in a simple approach it's the same as hiring a security guard from an agency. Security guards are there not to be part of the main business but just to defend or assist the operation such as the bank, pawnshop or any other establishments that will be needing some security. The tools and the training will be provided by the agency and not by the company itself. It will only fall under labor-only contracting which is prohibited by the law if these particular employees will be deployed to perform services that are directly related to the company's nature of business. Unfortunately, contractual employment is being used as a disguise from labor only contracting method.

As provided in an article from Wikipilipinas, Contractualization of labor is favorable to the employers in more ways than one:
  1. Union and strikes are prevented as workers as strictly they are not employees of the employer or principal. A five-month or less contract also does not give the employees a chance to organize.
  2. Contractual workers replaced retrenched regular workers.
  3. Most of the contractual workers do not have benefits such as Philhealth and SSS.
  4. Contractualization further depresses the already very low wages of workers. 4/10 respondents revealed that they are paid below the mandated minimum wage. From this income, they spend as much as P500 up to P1,000 in application requirements. They also have to pay for the cost of their uniforms and other work paraphernalia.
  5. Contractuals cannot refuse overtime work which during the peak season means staying beyond until 10 p.m., though the labour code prohibits this as inhuman practice.
  6. Contractualization brings down the workers’ self-esteem. As a whole, management looks down on workers but their biggest contempt is reserved for contractual.
  7. It nurtures and reinforces the already prevailing culture of docility and subservience that have been inherited from the feudal-patriarchal culture introduced by Spanish colonizers. 
There were so many factors why this law was passed or implemented.One thing I know is that besides being a venue of exploitation to our fellow workers, this is one of the economic constraints that we are greatly facing. Let's go back to my first paragraph, that particular question pertains to the obstacle in our purchasing power. If people are not secured on where they will be getting their next earnings then the tendency is just to save and not to spend their money right? the money will not go anywhere in the circulation, thus preventing the currency to flow smoothly. It is definitely not healthy to have that set-up because if you will not give, no one will also be getting any. If one doesn't have a stable work;  he/she won't buy new clothes..the Department store will not earn profit, the clothing manufacturers will not be getting orders to be done, their employees will not do anything but to wait for the shutdown of the factory then all of us will be in doom, this is just a domino effect.

On the other hand, there will be no stable people who will handle the company's operations, that is why no quality service or work will be produced as well. However, the battle for cost reduction on these organizations are greater than those of the given scenarios above. That is why don't be surprised if we continue to have these challenges of unemployment and poverty in our country.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pinsal falls: Santa Maria Ilocos Sur (Philippines)

It is my hometown, my roots and my haven. 

Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur is a place that really rocks!!! You may not know it but this is the town where you will be able to find La Asuncion de la Ñuestra Señora Church, part of UNESCO's World heritage. Not only that, it also holds one gift that nature has to offer and that is a waterfall. 

Pinsal falls is located at Brgy. Babal-Lasioan on my hometown that was mentioned above. It is primarily covered by hills that will lead you to nearby Pilar, Abra if you just wanted to climb and walk further. I find it so mystical whenever I go to that place because of the feeling that I am just being surrounded by water, rocks and hills. If you also happened to watched PANDAY that was starred by the late Fernando Poe Jr., you will see this falls because part of that movie was filmed there.

Hmmmm, how will I be able to describe it? Well the water flows down into two main catch basins at the bottom that's why those two areas are ideal  for deep dive swimming to all those experienced swimmers out there.  To all those non-swimmers (like me), don't worry because at the top, there are small natural pools where you will just be able to enjoy a shallow level of water together with the excitement of conquering your fear of heights (if you have).  In addition to that, there is also a hot spring  in there for your additional amusement.

Also, behind the main waterfalls, you will also be able to find a hidden cave which I personally have not yet been into. This place is just approximately 45 minutes away by car from Sta. Maria Proper. However, if you are already there, expect that you'll definitely work your body out. Be ready for some climbing, walking, action and fun...

Monday, 8 August 2011

How to Organize your Friends List on the new Facebook Chat

Have you find it difficult segregating your friends on the new Facebook Chat? I think almost all of us have that dilemma of wanting to hide ourselves as online to all those annoying people out there but we can't, because of the new set-up. There is also another thing about FB chat that became a concern to me, I cannot see all the people who are online especially my dear friends. All I am seeing are the people that I have interacted with for the past couple of days and not the whole list. Well, I think I have somehow found an answer to these distresses.

Let's go first to the last concern that I have provided above. If you badly needed to know who among all of your friends are online, then an alternative link can be opened:

On that link, you will be able to see the format of FB Chat before. There, you will be able to add a group or just chat independently from the main Facebook site.

You will notice that on this site you won't be able to add or edit your friends' name on the group. However, you may be able to do the following steps:

a. Go to your Home Page and then click on Account> Edit Friends

b. Choose the group that you wanted to edit and then you will be able to add a single name on the list, or multiple names or even delete a friend on that particular group.

Voila!! You can now chat with the people that you only wish to speak with.Hope this helps if you happened to be in trouble with FB chat.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Skylar Grey: Love the way you Lie

When I first heard Skylar Grey's voice, there's no doubt that she is one of those promising artists who is not getting any popularity at all. A very talented singer-composer who seems to be contented singing at the back with her amazing voice and songs. There was a time when I was watching "love the way you lie" at Youtube and I came across a video that states "Love the way you lie - Original" and the singer was Skylar Grey. Of course, it got my attention because Rihanna is the known singer of that very popular song which was collaborated with Eminem. Skylar Grey who?? that's the first thought that came out of my mind. I listened to it and "boom!" what a revelation, she is good!!...ok, she is sooo good! After hearing the song, I started to research on who really is Skylar Grey. Then I found out that she has co-written three versions of "Love the way you lie" together with another composer Alex da Kid.

Holly Brook Hafermann, changed her name to Skylar Grey because according to her, "it represents the unknowns in life that people seems to be so afraid of, but she feels the complete opposite". She  sees  the unknowns as a place where all possibilities come from. This is a statement from her that I really feel so connected to, for me she's a true artist not because of what she can do but as well as the ideas that accompanies her works. Besides "love the way you lie" she also collaborated with Eminem and Dr. Dre on the song "I need a Doctor" which she also sang at the 2011 Grammy Awards. She is currently making her album with Alex da Kid named "Invisible" and I expect that this will showcase the talent that I am pertaining to above. It is alright that she don't go too far in the mainstream scene just like the other pop artists, but it is also definitely fine if her works will be recognized by the people who will hear it so that there will be no more "Skylar Grey who????"

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I love "A lot like Love"

If you are a love story enthusiast, I bet you probably had watched "A lot like Love" already. This is a comedy romantic film that was starred by Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet (Oliver Martin & Emily Friehl on the movie). The plot of the film is quite different from any other love stories out there. Why? because the two main characters realized that they are in love with each other only after 7 years of complicated friendship. It all started when two ultimate strangers met at the airport and did a naughty thing just out of "no reason at all". They found themselves getting into an on and off communications at some points of their lives during those years with no strings attached. The funny thing is, when one of them encounters a problem with their lives be it about personal things, love or work; they tend to seek for each other's comfort as well. 

This film concentrated on the logic of destiny and the possibility of a chance encounter with the love of one's life. The lesson here is, true love comes out in the most unexpected form and situation. For those of you who have not yet seen this movie, you have to. With a very good set of soundtracks and a very cute story? you will feel so much in love when you watch it. I just don't have the right words, sentences to describe the film but I bet you will definitely love it too. I just watched it for the nth time now..