Sunday, 25 September 2011

Support for OPM Bands

Proud to own these CD's.. yeeeaabaaaahh ^_^
I can't describe how it feels like when I am listening to the music of my favorite Filipino bands. I was not amazed that a talent like that really exists in our country because I know that it does. Filipinos have that capability to write artistic lyrics with sense and come up with a very catchy melody.

It somehow started during the era of "The Beatles" when Filipinos began to be influenced by this musical style, which is Rock. The music scene then was dominated by pop genre until folk musicians with the likes of Freddie Aguilar, Asin and Florante emerged at the limelight. The rock and roll revolution is often being credited to "Juan dela Cruz Band" who is considered as the Grandfathers of Pinoy rock. They played a large role in awakening national pride by playing Tagalog rock songs at a time when it was predominantly conquered by lyrics made in English.

Today, many people refer to the work of those pioneering artists as classic Pinoy rock. This new tag was used to differentiate the emerging rock bands of today with the vintage one. During the 1980's, another breed was produced specifically related to the socially relevant issues like "Buklod" and Gary Granada. However, the most popular Pinoy rock band became undoubtedly "The Dawn", when it released the song Envelope Ideas. From then on, everything under the OPM rock scene became a history as it continues to flourish with the touch of our new talented artists.

My only appeal to all of us who are fond of listening to OPM music, PLEASE BUY THE ORIGINAL ALBUM!!. :) Even if you have a MP3 copy, it is much better if you buy the original one as it will show our real support for our homegrown talents. By buying their stuff, we are helping them to have funds that will enable them to produce more wonderful albums that will showcase greatness of OPM quality.

If you like it, prove it by means of your genuine support...You rock when you say no to PIRACY!!  \m/


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