Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Know how to Convince

Are you a salesman? or just a simple individual who wanted to have this sort of a "talent" in the art of Persuading. I bet almost all of us went through the dilemma of wanting to convince a person or group of people for a certain cause but we just don't know how to do it. Well let me give you some ideas on how you will be able to successfully engage the person you are speaking to, with what's on your mind :D.

**When you are saying something to a person, you have to set your own experiences as an example. In this way, you will be able to get the trust of that particular individual. He or she will be challenged with the fact that you have done it already per your experience, why can't she or he?

**The ideas that we are offering should be unique and not mainstream. People tend to listen carefully if what we are saying is kind of new to their ears. Just as what provided in our economics class, if a resource is limited, the demand will be higher.

**If you are on a business meeting, you have to pick up the center seat. This is for the reason that, the one sitting at the center is the one that has more likely to have the influential power. That principle is called "Center Stage Effect", all eyes will be set upon you be it in a negative or positive way. Now it's all up to you on what impression would you want to give your business partners.

**Use humor when explaining or convincing others as it makes the mood of the conversation relax and it livens up the interest. It also helps in keeping everyone's attention to you because they wanted to hear more of you punchline that lies behind the thought that you wanted to convey.

**If you wanted to convince a friend of yours to lend you some money, the best thing to do is to start the conversation with a nice chat and question that is answerable by yes. In this case, he or she will have in mind the word "yes" as an answer. e.g. it's a great day today! hey have you lost some pounds lately?

**During job interviews, you need your interviewer to be convinced with what you are saying because you are simply selling your skills to him/her. You need to be trusted if you wanted to be liked in the first place. If  I am the interviewer I would most likely choose the person that resembles me. That's the reason why you have to watch the interviewer and slightly imitate his/her gestures. When you imitate other people, you'll resemble them and immediately they will like you. However, just be careful on how you'd do it as it is important not to become TOO OBVIOUS.

** If you are sharing your ideas to a group of people, make sure that you show energy and passion to it. What's the use of a very nice content of the speech if you are boring. To be convincing ,we should know how to deliver it correctly and we have to be interesting.

**Always be clear, concise and say only the necessary words. Don't overdo the things that shouldn't be overdone at all.

**Lastly, do you know that caffeine drinks can encourage the other person? it's the best way to get him/her to be more open to you proposals.

You may use the above tips depending on the situation that you are in. However, just always remember to use those properly. Don't do such actions if you are just up to something that will bring harm to your friends or to the people around you. This is a talent that you have to use for the welfare and benefit of the people who are dear to you. Perhaps doing great in your job interview in order to get the dream job that will bring pride to your family or picking up the center seat in order to explain the harsh downside of the panel's decision on a given scenario :)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Support for OPM Bands

Proud to own these CD's.. yeeeaabaaaahh ^_^
I can't describe how it feels like when I am listening to the music of my favorite Filipino bands. I was not amazed that a talent like that really exists in our country because I know that it does. Filipinos have that capability to write artistic lyrics with sense and come up with a very catchy melody.

It somehow started during the era of "The Beatles" when Filipinos began to be influenced by this musical style, which is Rock. The music scene then was dominated by pop genre until folk musicians with the likes of Freddie Aguilar, Asin and Florante emerged at the limelight. The rock and roll revolution is often being credited to "Juan dela Cruz Band" who is considered as the Grandfathers of Pinoy rock. They played a large role in awakening national pride by playing Tagalog rock songs at a time when it was predominantly conquered by lyrics made in English.

Today, many people refer to the work of those pioneering artists as classic Pinoy rock. This new tag was used to differentiate the emerging rock bands of today with the vintage one. During the 1980's, another breed was produced specifically related to the socially relevant issues like "Buklod" and Gary Granada. However, the most popular Pinoy rock band became undoubtedly "The Dawn", when it released the song Envelope Ideas. From then on, everything under the OPM rock scene became a history as it continues to flourish with the touch of our new talented artists.

My only appeal to all of us who are fond of listening to OPM music, PLEASE BUY THE ORIGINAL ALBUM!!. :) Even if you have a MP3 copy, it is much better if you buy the original one as it will show our real support for our homegrown talents. By buying their stuff, we are helping them to have funds that will enable them to produce more wonderful albums that will showcase greatness of OPM quality.

If you like it, prove it by means of your genuine support...You rock when you say no to PIRACY!!  \m/

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bizarre Tourist Destinations

A Tourist Destination is normally being associated with a place that will bring a good vibes to the people who will visit it. It is usual for all of us to go to a wonderful place and learn so many good things about that particular location. What if the place is odd? Do you still want to explore it even if it is a scenery that is not really that pleasing to the eyes? Below, I have a list of the most bizarre places to go to on Earth. Some of them are so creepy that it really caught my attention.

Island of the Dolls (Mexico)

This is also known as the “La Isla de la Munecas” in Spanish. This is an island at the south of Mexico that people are saying to be full of superstitions and mystery. Almost every tree in there were decorated with mutilated infant dolls and as if gruesomely killed by the person who hanged them there. That particular person was Don Juli├ín Santana, a hermit who despite of having a wife still chose to live alone for about 50 years before his death last 2001. This island was created by him in memory of a dead girl who he claims to haunt him. It all started when he saw a doll floating on the canal, he took it and put it on a tree to save him from evil and to make the dead girl happy. He was not contented with just one doll, thus he collected a vast number of those until he made the entire island as a shrine. Ironically, in 2001 he was found dead by his nephew on the same canal where he claimed that the girl who was haunting him had drowned.
Island of the Dolls

Bubblegum Alley (California, USA)

Chew some gum and stick it on the wall, where on earth can you possibly do that but at the Bubblegum Alley. Located at San Luis Obispo, California, this place is known for its unusual and quite disgusting reputation. Why? because chewed bubble gums are being sticked on the walls of that alley. People believe that this alley started in the late 1950's as a result of a rivalry between students from San Luis Obispo High School and Cal Poly Students. It was said that sticking bubble gums on the wall became their way of expressing their superiority above anyone else, thus giving birth to the Bubblegum Alley. Many people protested for the removal of this spot on that place due to some hygiene issues but it just didn't materialize.

How Par Villa (Singapore)

This is a Chinese Mythological theme park that was formerly called the "Tiger Balm Garden". This can be considered as one of the weirdest theme park in Southeast Asia due to the odd looking exhibits. It shows almost 1000 statues and 150 dioramas that were inspired by Chinese folklore, history and mythology. Who would not be disturbed on statues such as a woman breastfeeding her father in law, armed monkeys, or the human faced giant crab. If a person knows the chinese myths, he/she will definitely treat that scenario as fine because they know where it is coming from...but for a person who has no background or whatsoever with the myths, it will just definitely blow one mind out.

 San Pedro Prison (Bolivia)

A prison like no other, that phrase can best describe "El penal de San Pedro" which is situated in La Paz, Bolivia. It is way different from a regular correctional facilities, as freedom to do anything is not an unusual activity on this place. What's funny yet disturbing about this is the fact that there is a society in the jail and the inmates can also live with their families inside. There are also jobs inside it and the sale of cocaine base on the the visiting tourists is a way of generating income to the inmates inside. There is an approximately 1,500 inmates, at San Pedro prison with additional guests staying in the prison hotel.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

3 Idiots and Me (the 4th one?)

I first heard this movie from Rose, a dear friend of mine from work. I remember her eagerness to tell us the full story even if she had a hard time in narrating the plot. To sum it up, the story was not well delivered to us but her underlying message that "hey it's worth watching, try it!" was well conveyed. Ok, 3 Idiots.. Bollywood..inspiring..that's it! but then again it was just another information that slipped out of my mind due to a very hectic schedule. Then finally, I am with my blogging and "surfing the net" session when I came across some blogs and shoutouts from Facebook regarding this film. Alright, what's so special about this movie?...the curiosity in me just built-up until I found myself wanting to know the answer to my question. I asked my boyfriend if he knew that film and luckily the answer was yes and he even had a copy of that said movie which he also provided to me.

I watched it and i found the answer to my question, it was indeed a very interesting and special movie. The story is about friendship and the will to think out of the box (norms) no matter what it takes. I am  a type of person who doesn't usually go with what the world states as correct, that's why i really love Rancho as he depicts me. Though I am not that genius just like him, it's the move to embrace unconventional reasons, actions and decisions that made me feel so attached with that character.

Here's my reflection; at the end of our lives, it's not our personal success that will matter. It's how we interact and  help others to be the best that they could be using our own gifts. It's a quest of finding out first who we really wanted to be, then success will just follow. "Aal is well",  don't dwell with the pressure on a certain situation as everything will be just fine. If you relax, the problem will not fade but at least you'll get rid of what's eating your mind that is preventing you to think of a further solution. Life is a constant journey and it is better to take that rough road with those special people around you than to aim high without their love and respect.

"3 idiots" is basically an eye-opener to all of the people who will watch it (especially  if it's not yet open at all). I am not surprised that it garnered the top spot as the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time in India. The filmmakers know just when to throw in that emotional low after a comical light which became really appealing to me. If you have some time, almost 3 hours of your time.. go and watch this film and spread the VIRUS out, then you'll understand that.."Aal is really well".

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sound of the "NEW WAVE"

Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Lotus Eaters, China on and so forth, what have we got? no other than the sound of the New Wave!! Yebaaaaahhh. This is the genre that I would definitely vote for as the coolest of all genres of music that I am listening to.

During the late 70's and early 1980's this genre emerged alongside punk rock until it was classified as an independent one due to the incorporation with experimental, disco, electronic sounds and 1960's pop music. It became clear that the music following punk could be divided, more or less, into two categories: post-punk and new wave. The difference is that post-punk was arty, difficult, and challenging while new wave was pop music, pure and simple as it is. There was a lot of stylistic diversity in the new wave; it meant pop, synth rock, pop-reggae, mainstream rock and ska. 

Even if we are so far way ahead of the 80's and I was not even born yet when some of these songs came out, I could say that its influence still stays on me. I often finds myself still dancing to the groove of  The Go-Go's Head Over Heels and Friday I'm in Love by The Cure. One thing that can differentiate New Wave to any other genre is that the mild and relaxing sounds that this is producing to the ears of its listener.. an eargasm as some people say. This has a touch of Pop Music which everybody can relate to but was produced and written by bands that we all know can definitely write good songs and with a depth.

Though New Wave is seen now as one of the definitive genres of the era of 1980's it has never truly ceased. There have been several rebirth of this genre since the 1990s. The revivals in the 1990s and early 2000s were small, but became popular by 2004. This became evident especially to all those indie acts right now, not only in the International scene but also here in the Philippines. 
Let me give you some of my favorite songs from this genre:

1. German Girl - The Lotus Eaters
2. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
3. More to Loose - Seona Dancing
4. Wishful Thinking - China Crisis
5. First Picture of You - The Lotus Eaters
6. Be Near Me - ABC
7. Friday I'm in Love - The Cure
8. The Light that never Goes Out - The Smiths
9. The Ghost in You - Psychedelic Furs
10.  Crash - The Primitives

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Songs and Emotions

A good song would definitely be able to change the mood of the person who is listening to it. It can make you happy or it can be really loud that it will push you to release what you feel deep inside. This is the reason why we are always associating our emotions to the music that we are playing. I, myself will not get through a day without listening to my type of sounds. In a very stressful and "badtrip" day, I listen to heavy metal or just any loud music that will release all those thoughts on my mind. During those feel-good days, I listen to new age sounds just like the music of Enya (as always). Whenever I need to focus with what i am doing, I see to it that I listen to Electronic Music with the likes of The Prodigy and The Chemical Brother. On mushy days, then I will be up for some Peter Cetera and Kenny Rogers hits. Everything will be in place from listening to those chosen genre.

As you can see, my life somehow revolves with music that's why I am also making my own songs with the help of my guitar. The reason for this is, if the songs that were being made by other artists make me feel good then why not make my own songs? All of those are reflections of what I am feeling deep inside as I am incorporating myself to my music. No matter how good or bad it was written, it is still a reflection of my soul. I encourage people to write their own songs if they have the talent. Not to be put on the mainstream arena but just to express themselves through their lyrics and melody. Believe me! it is really fulfilling to hear your own voice and music even if it was just recorded on your room alone.