Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Weightloss Recipe a.k.a. The Sacrifice

Yes! what's the question? what did I do to reduce my weight?.. the answer would be just two words, first one is sacrifice and the second one would be discipline. It is not just having my braces done and having tons of workloads to stressed me out that really contributed to this weightloss. The biggest factor is just my willingness to do so, due to health reasons. 

I have to admit it, it was a dilemma for me to resist my cravings. Who would refuse an ice cream, a cake, pizza, doughnut, 2 cups of rice with a very delicious "Kare-Kare" on the side? I bet the power of those kind of foods can easily penetrate every mind who would try to abandon them. That's the reason why we need to establish first our own reason why we want to reduce our size before doing anything. 

As my motto suggests "It's all in the mind". 

Here's what happened to me, I was checking out my pictures at Facebook one time when I just suddenly realized that my size has doubled. That's the time when I figured out that it might be the cause why I am always getting tired easily especially when I am walking. It also crossed my mind that I am not engaging myself to any exercise at all, I am fond of eating too much and my lifestyle doesn't seem to be a candidate for a good and healthy condition. I started to ask myself, do I really need to eat that much? or am I really lazy when it comes to exercise? and lastly Is my lifestyle right? Of course, even if I deny it.. I already knew the answers to these questions and that's when the eagerness took place. I keep on thinking of that realization and the guilt but at the same time I am still taking the same amount of food and doing the same lifestyle. That scenario was a torture to me, believe me. Surprisingly, that torture suddenly became the killer of my appetite and my laziness. I suddenly felt the loss of my cravings through the help of my mindset and then I took advantage of it. I did not undergone crash diet as I just lessen my food intake one step at a time and I became firm with it:

First Week: 3 meals, 3x a day 1 cup of rice (no more, no less).. I ate whatever I wanted to eat even in between meals.

Second Week: 1 cup of rice at lunch, half cup of rice in the evening... 
Snacks? Biscuits/Fruits.. (no more, no less). yeah! that's when the discipline comes out.

Third week to Fourth Week: Half cup of rice at lunch...Plain Oatmeal in the evening and fruits/healthy viands.
Snacks? Banana/Yogurt or any other healthy biscuits. Remember the sacrifice? ayt!!!

I also have my cheating moments but I made sure that it's in control in order for me to get back to my usual routine. Because of the less intake of foods, I felt my stomach shrink a bit as it didn't allow me to eat an amount of food that is beyond what it could contain based on my previous eating patterns. I just allow myself to get used to this routine for some time in order for my body to adapt to it.

However, I also wanted my stomach and my body to become firmer and healthier that's why I chose my 3 best friends. Those three were my jumping rope, dumbbells, and sit-ups mat. Every morning, i see to it that I jump 200 times, do a dumbbell exercise for 16 times per arms/hands and 15 to 20 sit-ups.. whew!!! that's a lot of sacrifice and endurance.. hahahahaha....

Nothing will materialize if you don't have the determination and if you don't know why you are doing those things, that's the basic thing to remember. You can't expect pleasure on those activities during those times that you are in it, but the contentment will payoff if you already achieve even the slightest change in your body. Nonetheless, I would just like to clarify that there's nothing wrong if you are big or small. I just opened this up for the benefit of those people who are asking and having the same dilemma of thoughts about themselves. The main point here is, being beautiful and sexy depends on how you look and carry yourself. If you feel you wanted to undergo some changes, then work for it and  be serious in doing so.

My Paraphernalia
The result that I badly wanted to maintain..


  1. i'm so lazy exercising...and di ko pa problem ang losing weight, payat ako eh hahaha, i make sure lang that i eat healthy foods

  2. hahahaha buti ka pa reese!! mabilis cguro ang metabolism mo.. ako kasi napaka OA ng pagtaba pag napabayaan sa kusina..

  3. wowwww so proud of u mau! discipline it is! :D

  4. thanks steph!!! syempre pa.. idol kita!! :)

  5. Good afternoon.. i like your site..

  6. where's the before and after picture Sis? ^_^

  7. Hello there!!! thanks for all your comments!!!

    @blogtronyok: oops!! I wast able to post it then.. just don't mind it.. ahahahah