Sunday, 23 October 2011

Groove into the TECHNO

Yeah, let's groove into the sound of Techno music!!!! 

You know what made the films Hanna and Tron Legacy a hit are the soundtracks that were produced by the pioneering groups in electronic music. These music, accompanied with the story and the great incorporation of the sounds to the films really made the execution of the movies very memorable. Two examples of these groups are The Chemical Brothers for Hanna and Daft Punk for Tron. They were born under the Big Beat genre that pertains to electronic dance music that is divided into two; techno and acid house.

The thing that I love the most with this genre is the bass and the beat that this produces. The lyrics is not that emphasized but the sound will really make you move your body out. The videos may seem so odd but this just reflects the nature of Techno which is a bit eccentric but not that bad to listen to. If you love to dance or do some movements, I suggest you to listen to the music of the artists who are doing some techno music; with the likes of The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and  The Crystal Method.


  1. Hello..... This movie started out slow... but it picked up and turned out to be quite enjoyable :)

  2. @DorothyL: yeah! same review here. I thought that this movie has usual plot but it really turned out interesting. I love this film and the soundtrack.. thanks for the visit! :)

  3. Good morning, have a nice day. Followed your blog.

  4. did you know Chemical Brothers remix from "Slow" singing by Kylie Minogue? it's great!!

  5. Hi Somoon! thanks for following my site.. :)

    Hi Leolux, never heard of this remix until you endorsed it to me.. yeah! sounds eargasmic.. just listening to it now.