Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Typhoon's Aftermath

Flood.. Flood.. Flood... here we go again! Last week, we have been bombarded with two typhoons: Pedring (international name "Nesat") and Queil (international name "Nelgae"). These two primarily hit Luzon and Bulacan (my home province) is part of it. I don't know! I just feel so vulnerable when rainy season comes, it's because I know  that after the rain, flood will soon occur. This basically became my mind-set whenever there's an approaching typhoon. Between the two typhoons, I believe Pedring caused us more damage. Nonetheless, I just thank God that we're all safe and everything is still in good condition on our place even if we were flooded.

I just hope that the flood at our nearby Municipalities will also subside. I am wholeheartedly praying for their welfare right now. God bless Calumpit (place where my parents got married), Hagonoy, Pulilan, Malolos and all other places that are still suffering from the aftermath of these two typhoons.

(during the storm at our house)


  1. Has the flood come down yet? I have some friends who live in the affected areas. I hope it's not too bad for them.

    Take care, Mauskie :)

  2. Hi KM! yes fortunately the flood here at our area normally just pass us by. It's not staying that long...thanks a lot! but let's still pray for the welfare of those who are still in the middle of the flood as I speak..

  3. Her It's been raining here in Norway almost every day since the beginning of May..

  4. Please be careful, at my country I got flood too along Mekong river province.

  5. @Roffe: Hi there!! yeah! the weather is quite unusual today my friend.and it's because of the Global Warming.

    @ecambodia: Thanks my friend.. please be careful as well.. we don't know what these typhoons will further bring to us..