Monday, 10 October 2011

Mumayski - Behind the Blog's Name

Who is mumayski? she is of my dearest dogs.. along with Misty. I have always been fond of dogs because I can see a friend in them. You know? when I was still a kid, I am not that used in going out the house and playing with some other kids.. a loner?  not really, it's just that I was kind of lazy in playing outdoor games. However, I see to it that I was also playing with them from time to time though (don't get me wrong, I also enjoyed playing with my fellow humans..LOL)

That's the reason why I resorted to dogs because they re just there, quietly sitting beside me during those times that I wanted to read, watch cartoons and eat. I also enjoyed watching movies with the theme about dogs and even cry if there's something terrible that happened to the dogs and their owners. If you were a kid  here in the Philippines during the 90's, who would forget Nelo and Patrasche? They were the reason why the tears poured heavily from my eyes during the finale.

They are not just animals in my eyes, they are my friends because of the traits that they possess. Loyal, Jolly, Innocent and loving especially if their owners are doing the same. We have to love them, not only dogs but all of God's creatures as we were created to look for their welfare. Sadly, some of us doesn't understand our true purpose in this world. Many people hate dogs and other creatures because of their smell or probably they just don't want to. 

"Well who cares? they are just animals? they don't have feelings so why bother to care for those pests?"

Nevertheless, have you imagined Earth without men? probably it's way different because no one will abuse the animals. However, things were not like that! We were here to protect and care for them with the level of intellect that God has given us. Mumay and Misty are just examples of how great our pets and animals could become  if we would just love them with all our hearts. I support PETA, PAWS and all other organizations who are caring for our dear friends. :)

attentive Mumay

Mumay and Misty.. the Askals

Misty with the guitar


  1. I'm a dog-lover, as well. At nakakainis yung mga taong parang walang pakialam sa mga aso. They annoy me. Parang ang sarap nilang suntukin. hehe..

    I pity them, actually. They will never know what it feels like to have dogs as pets. I believe that dogs are considered to be very loyal (if not the MOST loyal) specie in the animal kingdom.. Personal opinion ko. My dogs gave me proof..

    One day, iba-blog ko din ang mga aso ko. hehe.. introduce them to my readers. :)

    They're askals, pero they look cute pa rin. And their coats look so... soft. especially, Mumay's. :)

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  3. funny dog , I also have a dog and cat who were very friendly , visit my post :

    nice to meet you :)

  4. My daughter loves dogs so much. Her pet dog has been her constant companion and friend. Sometimes mas ok pang maging friend ang dog coz u can be sure na tapat ito sayo. :)

    Thanks for the visit Mumay!

  5. amazing dog is very funny, if the dog can play the guitar may be very interesting. and adds a lot of attention to people around you.

  6. All hail the great dog lovers of the Philippines.

    Oh my gosh. It's that ABS-CBN cartoons that was soooo sad!!!

    Nice meeting you. ^_^ Can we exchange links?

  7. @Leah: sobrang tama, nakakainis talaga yung mga ganung tao! I'll wait for that blog of yours re: your dongs. Mumay and Misty, despite of being askals only, indeed huggable cla.. :)

    @all: thanks for the visit guys! I am happy that all of you are dog lovers ^_^ keep on being like that..