Saturday, 29 October 2011

Never Surrender?

Who said that quitting is an act of accepting defeat? I would say that we can't really determine that it is indeed a defeat unless we know the reason behind that decision. I've been through a lot of situations wherein I walked out of the way because I just really can't bear what's happening or I am just simply not happy anymore, that's it! Some said that I have wasted the opportunity because of the retreat in the battle, but that's not what's on my mind. The most important thing in life for me is not only the opportunity but the fulfillment and the happiness that has been given to me by what I am doing. 

Let's take one instance as an example, I've been considered to become a scholar of one prestigious company. Sounds like it is one of the greatest achievement that a student could have. However, the opposite happened when I already entered the University. I was forced to enroll on a course that happened to be not my forte and where I am really not good at. I was bombarded with so much pressure that I really didn't endure because I have to maintain a grade that would sustain my scholarship. To make the story shorter, before I end up failing all my grades due to the lack of interest, I quit.

You see? If I pursued that, would I end up with the same situation or job that I am in right now? which I consider as a good one already. I bet not because I have chosen a path that I don't have any passion at all. Sometimes it is not a sign of defeat but a sign of change for the better or for the worst, no one can tell because it lies in our future. Nonetheless, I am not saying that whenever we encounter a problem then we have to quit. I just wanted to imply that we need to take or consider every option that is available to us. Speak up and be ready with the circumstances that we will be facing because of that option that we have chosen. God is good and life is beautiful! Liberate ourselves using our minds and don't be dragged with all those pressures just because you continue to pursue a life that is simply not meant for you. Don't just surrender but review all the possibilities that life may bring to you. We only live once, speak up and decide based on your heart and not with what the norms is bringing unto you.


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  4. I like that spirit of yours, AJA! Quitters are losers.. you only have one life to live, so live it to the fullest! Nice post, thanks for sharing...

  5. I like your point of view and you should should handle situations the way you are comfortable.

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