Saturday, 26 November 2011

General Luna: Femme Power

I have always been a big fan of Filipino Bands and It's normal for them to have male members. I have seen some with female front but all girls? hmmm... the last that I've known of was "Prettier than Pink". However, that perception changed when a band called "General Luna" appeared on the limelight. As I am listening to their music, it was a bit like the sound of Razorback but the female version of it. They are not the typical type of girls that you would see on a band as they are so very gorgeous and pretty yet they really rock so hard (no offense to other female bands out there though  ^_^). Trust me, they have the looks and they definitely have the talent in music. General Luna is the newest all women, all Filipino rock band, a group of gifted individuals who have both the looks and skills that will leave you amazed.

Per the members, their name has nothing to do with our Hero who is General Luna. That is just a combination of General which is very masculine and Luna which is feminine and those are just a balance of the two concepts. Let me tell you the reason why I really love their works, it is because of the melody that has been well executed together with a loud guitar riffs along with their serious lyrics that pertains to the reality of life. They really encompasses beauty with their talent, thus making them very deserving to have a place in the local music scene and likewise in the international scene if only be given a chance.

Just a brief background of their self-titled album, they have also been supported by some of the topnotch personalities and songwriters from the music industry such as Steve Badiola (front man of Typecast), Monty Macalino (Mayonnaise's vocalist and guitarist), Ebe Dancel (previously from Sugarfree), Japs Sergio (Rivermaya's bassist), NU and The Dawn's Francis Brew Reyes and lastly, the multi awarded Recording Engineer Angee Rozul. 

They are certainly one of the bands that is providing some spice on our music industry now. They will make you say vava voom!! yet will also say, "that's what I call TALENT" Rock on General Luna!

Below are the members of the band:

Alex Montemayor - Bass Guitar
Audry Dionisio - Rhythm Guitar
Bea Lao - Drums
Caren Mangaran - Lead Guitar
Nicole Asensio - Vocalist



  1. Wow!
    What awesome band!
    Women are excelling in everything, Especially the music!

    But what you did here?
    Wow! ... It's all very different!

    Very cool!
    I'll Be Back!

  2. Magaling na banda. Pero dko ma-distinguish ang music nila, Parang alternative na rock na pop...