Monday, 7 November 2011

Ms. World 2011 First Runner Up - Gwendoline Ruais

The 2011 Ms. World Beauty Pageant coronation night was held at Earls Court, London - Sunday. This is a venue where beautiful girls from around the globe gather together to represent their respective countries for a cause. The organization is continuously searching for a lady who will be able to justify what it believes in which is "Beauty with a Purpose".

All the ladies who competed on this year's pageant have their own styles in impressing the people and the judges. I will have to say that they all have the potential but as every competition goes, only 3 have managed to emerged on the top spots and only 1 have been crowned as the new Ms. World. 

Ms.Venezuela - Ivian Sarcos won the title over our very own Gwendoline Ruais (Philippines) and Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez (Puerto Rico). During the question and answer portion where the candidates were asked on why they should be hailed as the next Ms. World? Sarcos uttered:  

"I believe that the next Miss World should be a woman of responsibility and reason. I believe the woman should be committed to the organization and help people in need. Beauty with a heart". 

On the other hand, I was not surprised that Gwendoline Ruais got the First runner up title. Aside from having a beautiful face, she also answered the question intelligently with a deep enthusiasm to help others while enjoying what she loves to do.

"To be Miss World is my dream job, and I say job because it is a lot of responsibilities. There's nothing I love more than communicating with other people. As Miss World, you get to use your potential and your voice to help people from all around the world. And what is more wonderful than doing what you love by helping others?"

Truly, Gwendoline have made all of us (Filipinos) proud once again. Filipinas are just simply strength and intelligence behind beauty,  and beauty behind the heart. I apologize for being a bit bias, I adore all the lovely ladies out there from around the world but let me love my own this time..... ^_^

Just an additional information, the final 7 are Miss England, Miss Korea, Miss Philippines, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Scotland, Miss South Africa and Miss Venezuela. It was also revealed that Ordos in Inner Mongolia, China, will host the 2012 competition.

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