Monday, 21 November 2011

We can never take it back!

Any fights have their downside and we all have our own piece of words that will be uttered that we can never take back. This is the reason why some people kept on saying to us that we should not open our mouth and say even a single word when we are mad and in rage. We might end up hitting that very soft spot that will hurt the person that we are having an argument with. 

This in effect will make the situation worse and will not definitely help to enlighten the situation. You thought that you've won because you've said what you wanted to say, but in reality NO ONE won. If you really cannot contain your anger, you must at least learn the skills of being silent and listening to what the other person is saying. You might not agree with what has been said but you will have your share of moment when he/she is done. I know it is tough, I too! cannot do it with myself but I am trying my very best to do such when I'm in the middle of an argument.

Remember, words are like knives.. it is harsh and shows no mercy when we use it as a weapon. Think twice before you say something, and make sure that you will be firm with it.


  1. I like this post! Anger management. ;)

    Hopped here from Krizza's blog!


  2. you make it sound so easy... at that moment when both are so heated up and all they want to do is get their point across it's kind of hard to just sit there and listen. :/

    good entry, i enjoyed reading this... keep up the good work :)

  3. thanks for your comments guys!!! I know it's hard but let us try.. :)

  4. I agree with this... I usually count 1- 10 when I am about to flare up. Sometimes when we get angry those hurtful words will bounce back a hurtful feeling from the speaker via receiver.

    Thanks for the information it helped me to reflect! :-)