Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - (Swedish Film) Review

To tell you honestly, I haven't had the chance of reading the novel that was written by a Swedish author and journalist named Stieg Larsson. I also thought that it was just another fantasy story because of the title, you know the myths about dragons ayt? (well silly me!).

What I really like about this Swedish film is the ambiance that it is introducing to its audience. If you have no idea about the novel, you will not easily realize where the story would lead. This movie is full of mystery and reality about violence that has been explicitly yet artistically portrayed. However, the mystery was unveiled by two brilliant minds that didn't know each other initially but were brought together by circumstances. These two individuals were Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist and Lisbeth Salander, an antisocial and a bit weird but an exceptional hacker and researcher. I won't go into so much details but I find Lisbeth as the main protagonist in this film. You will be disturbed on the things that she has been through during the course of the film, but will find her very strong and firm as she still managed to move on with her life. In fact, her researches and inputs became a a great help to Mikael who primarily held the case alone.

I may somehow don't subscribe with the fact that the antagonist has been easily attacked at the end and how Lisbeth easily knew his whereabouts, but that is just another glitch that we can just justify on our end (no big deal for me). Putting all those observations aside, I will have to say that this is definitely a must see movie for all of the criminal investigative / mystery films enthusiasts out there. Just be ready on the graphic depiction of the scenes.

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