Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Taken by.. Taken by cars

It's a new breed of sound for the Philippines music scene. Though they are not really new anymore, many people don't really know that this great indie band exists. With the mix of electro, shoegaze and new wave genre there's no question that everyone who loves unconventionality will definitely love their style as well. Who would think that their only goal then was just to play at Saguijo Makati, a haven for all those indie rock enthusiasts out there. Having no materials and no major record label, the band just uploaded their videos on MySpace and earned their fans from all over the world. Now, they've signed up already to Warner Music Philippines and their debut album "Endings of a new Kind" was released way back 2008 under the production of Mong Alcaraz who is also part of the bands Sandwich and Chicosci.

This is one very promising band that needs to watch for.

Band Members:

Sarah Marco on Vocals,
Bryce Zialcita on Lead Guitar
Derek "Siopao" Chua on Rhythm Guitar
Isa Garcia on Bass Guitar
Bryan Kong on Drums and Sampler


  1. i actually like their genre! para magkaroon naman ng wide variety and evolution ang OPM :)

  2. tamaaa...ibang iba kasi eh.. unique saka ang sarap pakinggan.