Sunday, 31 July 2011

How to Make Home Made Gravy

Fried chicken will not be complete if there's no gravy served on the side. This certainly makes a chicken meal more interesting and special here in the Philippines. However, we can usually see this sauce on Fast food chains and of course we will not be able to go there everyday. A friend of mine gave me a recipe on how to make a home made gravy which I doubted at first (haha!). Nonetheless, I still tried it and surprisingly it's not really that bad at all...or shall I say, it's really good!!


2 cups of water
Half of Knorr Beef Cube (or whole, it depends on your taste)
1 tablespoon of  Butter
Flour melted on half cup of water
**note: the ingredients depends on your estimations (I am not really good at it if I am not in the middle of cooking. hehehe)


Put the 2 cups of water on a pan and let it simmer on a medium fire. Add the butter and the beef cube. Just let those ingredients  melt  on the boiling water. When already melted, add the flour that was mixed with water and then continuously stir it until you get the right consistency of thickness.

The ingredients that I have given above are somehow already available on our kitchen instantly. That's why it's not that expensive and is very easy to do...


  1. i copy your gravy recipe...
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  2. Hi Reese!! Thanks for adding me. Just don't forget to watch out for your fire para di magbuo buo ung flour. :) i'll add ur blog as well.

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