Monday, 25 July 2011


When I first heard this movie, I thought that it was a horror type of film. Who would not have that eerie feeling when there is something that is "unknown". However, when I learned that Liam Neeson is the main character on that movie (lead actor in "taken"), i suddenly thought... might as well give it a try. The shots were taken at Berlin, Germany which really gave me the urge to watch it because I personally find Europe to be a very interesting continent. With the budget of only 40 million dollars, It's gross revenue had turned out to be at smashing hit of 134,887,487 USD (whew!). It only proves that the main contributor for this success is not mainly the effects but the story itself.

The plot is about a scientist who arrived at Germany's airport together with his wife in order to attend a Bio Convention. However, due to some unfortunate and complicated events they got separated from each other. Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) found himself in a hospital and realized that he undergone comatose for 4 days due to a vehicular accident. Roaming around a foreign country he suddenly remembered his wife who was left alone on their hotel. Not minding the advice of his doctor, he made his way to find his wife and fortunately he was able to find her but she can't recognize him any more. He believed that his identity was stolen from him by another man who is saying that he is the real Dr. Martin Harris. That's where the confusion will take place on the viewers as you will continue to have that feeling of wanting to know the truth...why are there 2 Martin Harris???? his impostor was so convincing that you will also question Liam's character.

I will not be giving the answer to this question, I really recommend this film to all of you who want to tickle your imaginations a bit. It's unique premise will definitely leave you smiling and saying..."oh.. now i see!"

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