Saturday, 6 August 2011

I love "A lot like Love"

If you are a love story enthusiast, I bet you probably had watched "A lot like Love" already. This is a comedy romantic film that was starred by Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet (Oliver Martin & Emily Friehl on the movie). The plot of the film is quite different from any other love stories out there. Why? because the two main characters realized that they are in love with each other only after 7 years of complicated friendship. It all started when two ultimate strangers met at the airport and did a naughty thing just out of "no reason at all". They found themselves getting into an on and off communications at some points of their lives during those years with no strings attached. The funny thing is, when one of them encounters a problem with their lives be it about personal things, love or work; they tend to seek for each other's comfort as well. 

This film concentrated on the logic of destiny and the possibility of a chance encounter with the love of one's life. The lesson here is, true love comes out in the most unexpected form and situation. For those of you who have not yet seen this movie, you have to. With a very good set of soundtracks and a very cute story? you will feel so much in love when you watch it. I just don't have the right words, sentences to describe the film but I bet you will definitely love it too. I just watched it for the nth time now.. 


  1. i haven't watch it...makapagdownload nga ng movie na ito hahaha

  2. you should reese!! hahaha inutusan? basta i so love it.. :)