Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pinsal falls: Santa Maria Ilocos Sur (Philippines)

It is my hometown, my roots and my haven. 

Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur is a place that really rocks!!! You may not know it but this is the town where you will be able to find La Asuncion de la Ñuestra Señora Church, part of UNESCO's World heritage. Not only that, it also holds one gift that nature has to offer and that is a waterfall. 

Pinsal falls is located at Brgy. Babal-Lasioan on my hometown that was mentioned above. It is primarily covered by hills that will lead you to nearby Pilar, Abra if you just wanted to climb and walk further. I find it so mystical whenever I go to that place because of the feeling that I am just being surrounded by water, rocks and hills. If you also happened to watched PANDAY that was starred by the late Fernando Poe Jr., you will see this falls because part of that movie was filmed there.

Hmmmm, how will I be able to describe it? Well the water flows down into two main catch basins at the bottom that's why those two areas are ideal  for deep dive swimming to all those experienced swimmers out there.  To all those non-swimmers (like me), don't worry because at the top, there are small natural pools where you will just be able to enjoy a shallow level of water together with the excitement of conquering your fear of heights (if you have).  In addition to that, there is also a hot spring  in there for your additional amusement.

Also, behind the main waterfalls, you will also be able to find a hidden cave which I personally have not yet been into. This place is just approximately 45 minutes away by car from Sta. Maria Proper. However, if you are already there, expect that you'll definitely work your body out. Be ready for some climbing, walking, action and fun...


  1. Nice place you have! Hopefully I can travel to your hometown. :D

  2. Wishes you and your family a Christmas filled with joy and a Happy New Year!

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