Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Peace and Serenity

Why is it so difficult for us to have this state of mind? In this busy streets of Manila and the stress of our daily routines, is it really a luxury for us to feel serene?

I am trying to feel that way with the help of being positive. However, there's still a time wherein that certain positivity will end up to be so hard to sustain. Worries will start to guzzle you and before you know it everything just seems to be a mess in front of you.

But how can we go back to our senses when these things are happening? I am talking about stress, problems and pressures. I bet all of you have encountered the same and you have various approaches to conquer it. But I also have my way in overcoming such predicament:

1. Think of happy thoughts, yeah right! what are those? your vacation, birthdays or anything that involves your family and friends. Happy memories will always be the best medicine to depression.

2. "You are larger than your problem". Think that way in order for you to have that feeling of being in control. Life is a mind game, if you're optimistic then you'll win but if you're otherwise then you'll lose.

3. Listen to inspiring "New Age Songs". Enya and Enigma's songs are just two examples that I could give.

4. Have a break!..don't just have a kit-kat but have a break literally and release everything. Think of what's happening and then accept it wholeheartedly. Cry if you want, get mad! (but not too much) because at the end of the day, you will realize that life and time will go on without you so you have no choice but to go with it.

5. Watch Mr. Bean, Dumb and Dumber, "Kimi Dora" and the likes.. it would definitely help, believe me. 

6. Lastly, pray and let go of all the worries and sadness. Give it up to God as He will definitely give us guidance on all our problems. Peace and Serenity will always be with him.

Tranquility Scenery


  1. maybe i can copy your routine hahaha
    ay wala ka ng shoutbox...

  2. hahaha.sure reese!! meron akong shoutbox andun lang sa bandang right.. nag expand na kasi ang blog.. thanks for reading my articles.. hugsss for that...

  3. me i do 2 things..

    1 Pray.

    2. clubbing with friends at makiki sleep over kung kani kaninong kaibigan ^_^

  4. @Xan Gerna: tamaaaa!!! mainam na pampatanggal ng depression yung pangalawa mo friend..especially for all thouse outgoing people out there.. thanks thanks sa comment!!! :)