Sunday, 7 August 2011

Skylar Grey: Love the way you Lie

When I first heard Skylar Grey's voice, there's no doubt that she is one of those promising artists who is not getting any popularity at all. A very talented singer-composer who seems to be contented singing at the back with her amazing voice and songs. There was a time when I was watching "love the way you lie" at Youtube and I came across a video that states "Love the way you lie - Original" and the singer was Skylar Grey. Of course, it got my attention because Rihanna is the known singer of that very popular song which was collaborated with Eminem. Skylar Grey who?? that's the first thought that came out of my mind. I listened to it and "boom!" what a revelation, she is good!!...ok, she is sooo good! After hearing the song, I started to research on who really is Skylar Grey. Then I found out that she has co-written three versions of "Love the way you lie" together with another composer Alex da Kid.

Holly Brook Hafermann, changed her name to Skylar Grey because according to her, "it represents the unknowns in life that people seems to be so afraid of, but she feels the complete opposite". She  sees  the unknowns as a place where all possibilities come from. This is a statement from her that I really feel so connected to, for me she's a true artist not because of what she can do but as well as the ideas that accompanies her works. Besides "love the way you lie" she also collaborated with Eminem and Dr. Dre on the song "I need a Doctor" which she also sang at the 2011 Grammy Awards. She is currently making her album with Alex da Kid named "Invisible" and I expect that this will showcase the talent that I am pertaining to above. It is alright that she don't go too far in the mainstream scene just like the other pop artists, but it is also definitely fine if her works will be recognized by the people who will hear it so that there will be no more "Skylar Grey who????"


  1. nice syah palah original non... dunno her den.... thanks for sharin' this... oh yeah naligaw ditoh galing kay mdriver.. ingatz.. Godbless! =)

  2. yup dhianz! thanks for dropping by :)