Sunday, 3 March 2013

"Don't vote wisely, Vote differently"

Intelligent people are always aiming for the unconventional solutions and which are not being accepted by the norms and usually are not being listened to. I am not getting any good impressions with candidates who are throwing sh** to other candidates, prioritizing unnecessary bills and principles. Not because it's not right but because of the context of those which I find so senseless. Where's your economic platforms? If I ask you about contractualization, free trade globalization and privatization, would you know how to stand your ground?

Is it another day of making a speech in front of the "common tao" telling them of your education, health, agriculture, unemployment, and whatsoever reforms that would make them say "ok". Afterwards they will be there clapping and waiting for anything that would get them through to live another forsaken day. Giving them something that would satisfy the idea of an unconscious society bullying sugar coated with hope. Having those people in power right now has been caused by ignorance planted in the mind of the nation. Making them believe that the dynasty and oligarchy is the backbone of the society.

Then the question now is "who should i vote for?" well i should say "don't vote wisely, vote differently". Those people who are targeting the root causes of issues such as drugs, health problems, lack of jobs, education gaps, over population etc..etc. Those are just bits and pieces of the main problems. Those are just the effects and not the reasons. Everything is a process and without solving the challenges of the first stage and the main reason, you won't resolve anything at all.

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